How it works?

One piece can fully adjust your production
Ellisetting is a software based on the Automated Process Control (APC) that automatically adjusts machines-tools from the measurement of a part.
Why Ellisetting?
Today, the calculation of corrections is left to the adjuster  Calculations can be approximateThe choice of correctors to be applied to machine tools may not be relevantThe adjustment cycle can be very long
Our solution
To avoid all the inconveniences related to the profession of regulator and to obtain a good piece of the first blow, Ellisetting assists the trimmer by supplying him automatically:

  • The sign of the correction
  • The exact value of calculations
  • The relationship between several measures
  • The most relevant correctors

Ellisetting reduces the one piece adjustment cycle and trains the adjuster to the APC principle in one day.


SPC Data Tracking

Instantly find all your measurement data

Management of the means of measurement

Suivez l’étalonnage et la précision de l’ensemble de vos moyens de mesure

Contrôle réception

Dynamiser vos contrôle pour diminuer le nombre de mesures


Gestion des non-conformités

Suivez les actions et les non conformités en temps réel

Intégration Ellistat

Analysez l’ensemble de vos données même complexes en deux clics

Number of unlimited positions

Access Ellisetting from any computer or tablet computer

Multisite management

Limit data access to the bare necessities for each user

Intuitive interface Don’t waste training time, your employees already know how to use Ellisetting

Don’t waste training time, your employees already know how to use Ellisetting


Create your automated reports according to your needs
Our approach


Visite/VisioConférence pour vous expliquer nos solutions


Deux journée de conseil + formation des équipes aux principes APC + mise en production grâce à Ellisetting


Trois mois d’essai gratuit pour tester Ellisetting


On continue d’avancer ensemble ?

They are already convinced
We have been using Ellisetting for 2 years, every day. The tool has allowed us to reduce our setup times significantly and improve the quality of our parts. The development of the machines is facilitated, and the use is simple Matthieu Neff

Quality Process Manager, Eurocast GMD

Ellisetting is a production tool that perfectly meets the expectations of the industry 4.0 The Automated Process Control allows a simple control of numerical controls while guaranteeing a very good level of quality.

Ludovic Pourchet

Quality Method Manager, Cartier

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