Advance the know-how of your company by training your teams in different techniques of process control and aim for operational excellence!
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Adapted pedagogy

You do not have to understand mathematics to use statistics. We focus on using tools more than on the underlying theory for immediate application.

High level

All of our instructors are Black Belt Six Sigma and have at least 10 years of experience in applying Lean and Six Sigma tools in the industrial setting.

A lot of pleasure

Knowing how to make statistics interesting with concrete examples and a lot of practice is our job and we do it with a lot of pleasure.
Our trainings
Training that adapts perfectly to your needs to help you understand a process or a machine, use statistics to make a decision, improve your performance or solve production problems on a daily basis.

Experimental Design Training

Build an experience plan to understand how a process works.

8D Training

Discover the rational approach to problem solving and choose the right tools to apply.

APC Training

Understand APC concepts and how to apply it on a production machine.

Capability Training

Understand the value of different terms of capability and interpret customer requests.

Our engagements

Our training program is based on the pedagogy developed by Maurice Pillet, pioneer of quality training in France and Switzerland, inventor of the concept of inertial tolerance.

Adapted to a large audience, from the operator to the engineer, our training is designed 50% theory / 50% practice to be accessible to the greatest number in order to democratize their application within your company.

Our partnership

Our programs are developed in partnership with Lean Six Sigma University, which certifies inter and intra-company training in the fields of Lean and Lean 6 sigma. This certification ensures compliance of training with the various standards in force and a very high level of quality.

Intra-company training

Our trainers travel around your premises throughout Europe to ensure a personalized service tailored to your needs.

Inter-company training

Some courses are available in inter-company session. Our courses are limited to a maximum of 10 people per session

Certifying training

These courses allow trainees to obtain the corresponding certification in partnership with Lean Six Sigma University.

Our trainers

Trainers who listen and want to share their knowledge.

Claude plisson

Industrialization expert

Nicolas roman

Lean and Supply chain expert

Jerôme Bilquey

Black belt Six Sigma certification
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