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We share our know-how to advance your business In order to best meet your expectations
Ellistat has developed a panel of training more specialized than the others.

Statistics training

Understanding random phenomena is fundamental to understanding how the world works. We believe deeply in the benefit of statistical analysis, and we put at your service our pedagogy to develop within your company the culture of statistical proof.

Training Experience Plan

To understand experimentally his processes

Training Using and Interpreting Statistical

Analyzes Descriptive and inferential statistics

Training Statistical tests

Analyze and interpret statistical analyzes

Training Gage R&R

Analyze your means of measurement

Six Sigma training

The aim of the Six Sigma approach is to achieve an exceptional level of customer satisfaction while guaranteeing the company’s financial performance and the respect of the stakeholders. This requires knowledge and mastery of the production processes associated with an optimized design process.

Six Sigma Yellow Belt Training

Introduction to Six Sigma

Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Know how to lead a Six Sigma project

Six Sigma Black Belt Training

Become a Six Sigma Expert

DFSS Training

Design for Six Sigma

Mastering processes training

Training Mastering processes

Mastering process means mastering the variations of this process over time. During the use of this process, many factors will modify its state (tool wear, change of material, change of operator, etc.). This will inevitably have an impact on the centering and the variability of the process. To master this process, the AMDEC and MSP tools make it possible to anticipate and follow its evolution over time to react correctly if a deviation is detected

AMDEC training

To control the risks of its processes

MSP / SPC Training - Level 1

Use statistical process control in everyday life

MSP / SPC Training - Level 2

Implement statistical process control over a sector

Capability Training

Understand what a capability means

Problem solving training

Most companies lose a lot of time believing that one method can solve all the problems. Sometimes, the tools used are absolutely not good because they seek to make men talk while we have to speak the process, lost time is considerable.

Training Methodology 8D

Quick method of problem solving

Training Problem Solving, tools method

By the approach Dorian Shainin

Quality training

Specialist in quality for 30 years, we offer training tailored to all your needs and you discover the new concepts that will make the success of your future years as intelligent driving.

Tolerance Training

Understand the basics of tolerancing

Reception Control Training

Set up a reception check at the necessary level

Reliability Training

Interpret your survival data

Automated Process Control Training

Pilot his production machines